Millions of people looking for the best entertainment and Nuefliks has shared a trailer of its upcoming web series. The craze of web series is highly anticipated and the project that Nuefliks going to release is also appearing very fantastic. The name of the web series is Dagabaaz Ishq Season 1 Episode 2. Yes, it is the second episode of the web series and everyone knows that the first episode was extremely entertaining and collect lots of love from the audience. The web series will be a romantic drama in which all the viewers will get lots of intimate scenes that completely stun everyone who waiting to watch it.

Dagabaaz Ishq Nuefliks Web Series

If we talk about the director of the web series then the name is Rachna. Now, Dagabaaz Ishq Nuefliks Web Series is all set to hit the internet to amuse the entire audience by showing some best and brilliant episodes. The web series will be going to release on Nuefliks where already many romantic and bold web series released to give the perfect pack of entertainment to all the viewers. The exclusive trailer of the web series released and collect huge attention from the audience with likes and lots of comments.

Now, if we talk about the story of the web series then it starts with two friends who talk to each other. Both the girls sitting together and just talk about their life and meeting after so long time. Later, they decide to meet again with their boyfriends. After that, they both imagine themselves with their boyfriends in an intimate situation and doing some sexual activities with him. When the next Sunday arrives and the girl comes to the house with her boyfriend then another girl claims that she is also in a relationship with the same boy.

But, a little fight takes place between the girls and one girl gives a push to the boy. After the push, the boy falls down and his head collides with the table. The trailer ends there and the further story will be exceptionally enthralling because everyone wants to see that how girls react to the boy. As it is simple the boy playing a double game with two friends and now the girls got the trick and very upset. Otherwise, Dagabaaz Ishq Nuefliks Web Series will be releasing on the internet very soon. You just need to watch it on Nuefliks OTT Platform. For more updates stay connected with us and get all the recent updates related to the upcoming projects.


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