After the shocking fight of American rapper DaBaby with his ex-girlfriend and baby mamma DaniLeigh on Instagram Live, the rapper once again has become a headline of the news. According to the sources, the rapper was also an abused singer, who returned the favor in cuss words, and the DaniLeigh was feeding their 3-months-old baby that can be seen in live Instagram. In the end, DaBaby went to call the cops on DaniLeigh as some of the sources could be seen asking her to leave his house.

DaBaby Fights With His Girlfriend DaniLeigh in Instagram Live Video

Not only this but the 29-years-old rapper was wrapped on the controversy recently for his homophobic rant during his performance at the Rolling Loud 2021. At the time, he was called out and along with this, he was canceled by millions of fans and the music industry where he need to issue an apology.

DaBaby Fights With His Girlfriend DaniLeigh in Instagram Live Video 

Now, it seems that he is avoiding the ‘BOP” hitmaker as he appeared online for his altercation with his ex-girlfriend, DaniLeigh. For a quiet time, the rapper stayed on-off relationship with DaniLeigh, and also, the couple welcomed their child in August this year. Along with this, it believes that DaniLeigh and the baby were staying together at DaBaby’s place when the fight took place.

DaBaby took her girlfriend’s phone to go on Instagram Live from her account with taking her approval. In the video, DaniLeigh can be seen ignoring or stopping him for recording her but still, DaBaby was continuously available on Instagram Live.

The Live video from the place shows a 26-years-old, DaniLeigh feeding her child from a bottle as DaBaby was continuously recording and addressing the viewers. Later, the things turned into a verbal fight and they continue to insult each other in front of children and thousands of fans who were watching their Instagram Live.

During their offensive and abusive words, DaBaby also called Crazy Girl before ending the live video. A video was posted later where DaniLeigh was seen being asked by a police officer to leave. Later, both artists took the support of social media to release their own statements. You may check their personal Instagram account where they gave their statement related to this issue.

Due to their unexpected fight, both celebrities were slammed by their fans for fighting on Instagram Live and not only in front of fans, but they also fought in front of their infant child. Along with this, DaBaby was criticized for ill-treating DaniLeigh when their baby was just three months old. Many fans shared their reactions on social media and talked about DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s fight.


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