In the previous episode, Ryuhei asks Mutase about the incident that occurred last night. Mutase says that he has heard the word Desaria before. The young boys were having fun roaming around the school. Ryuhei is wondering about the world he has seen himself in for some time. He was chasing monsters in the dream and battled with them. He has some doubt if there is something that happened in the past and tries to remember the day he saw someone died in front of him. Ryuhei thinking about his brother whom he lost at a very young age. In today’s episode, a boy is walking alone in the

traumerei The animation episode 2

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 2 Release Date

streets while raining. He sees that he has blood in his hands. When the incident occurred, Ryuhei goes to school after a long time and hears a voice calling his name. He was walking with Rena and talk about the game which is going to launch soon. Rena asks him to watch him playing first then practice it.

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Rena says that she doesn’t want him to lose over a girl. Rena’s friend joins them and also talk about Karaoke. Ryuhei goes to meet Mutase and asks him who won the Dragon game last night. Mutase says that a guy whose

name is Zolt, and replaced Ponsuke from the top position. Ryuhei says that World Championship is not far away and we need to practice more for this. Rena is shocked to know that the boys are taking more interest in the game and got habitual to it. She asks Ibusaki if she can come with her to do Karaoke after school. Mutase and Ryuhei are at the kickboxing gym and square off against each other.

Ryuhei got attacked by a racoon while walking his way to home. Ryuhei tries to sleep and had a dream that he is in another world in his dreams.

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 2 Spoilers

He got to wonder who could he float in that world and able to balance his body as well. He is happy to use his new powers and enjoy floating. Suddenly a portal opens and Ryuhei sees a robotic hand is coming outside from a portal. He got scored and tries to escape. There were two robots who comes to save him and one of the them save Ryuhei.

A girl asks Ryuhei to speed up before the Desaria appears. They battle with minster and Ryuhei wakes up when he sees that the monster is about to kill him. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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