Who Is Cynthia Whitlatch? Fired Seattle Officer In Golf-Club Arrest Story Details: An incident that happened on 9th July 2014 is now getting viral. This news first shocked everyone that how a police officer can do this but later they get happy as the person got justice. So you are wondering what are we talking about so this news is about a Seattle Police officer Cynthia who arrests an old man William who used a golf club stick to cross the road and when the officer asked to give that stick to her but he didn’t listen to her so she arrested the old man. Let’s find more details about this news. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Cynthia Whitlatch

Who Is Cynthia Whitlatch?

She is a Police officer of Seattle who also participated in many movements and the name is ‘White Lives Matter’ and ‘Blue Lives Matter. She came into the eyes of people when she arrested a black African old man who is 69 years old for a silly reason. She took the old man under her custody with the assistant  Christopher Coles & Ben Archer. Now she is terminated & detained and now she can never join the Police army job. As her information is not mentioned on Wikipedia so we can’t gather more about her but below is the whole story of the incident.

What Happened With William Wingate?

This incident happened on 9th July 2014 with a 69-year-old black-African man who was walking with a golf stick she believed that this is a weapon and asked him to give that but he refused and said that he is been using this stick for 20 years and she shouts on him and she arrested him. She said that he show her the stick and when the recording was checked none of the incidents happened to her. He filed a lawsuit against her and got a cheque for $1,278,479 from the jury. Now, she is fired from her post and she can never join this profession.

Where Is Cynthia Whitlatch Now?

On 9th July 2014, she received a termination letter for abusing and breaking the rules. She received her salary of $105,000. The letter also says that she can never join this again and she also knows that this letter is because of her racism. Her behavior toward the old man put her in this situation and the result is fair. As per information now she has joined a private company and there she worked as an employee.

An incident again happened in which a black-African old man guy was insulted & arrested by a Seattle police officer and after that what happened with her will shock you. We are here to share this incident with our viewers. This news is getting viral on the internet and people are searching for this to know the whole story of this incident. So if you are here to know the whole story you are in a right place. We have gathered information about this story to share it with you. So let’s have a look at this article.

She is a Seattle police officer who once participated in two movements in which one of them being Blue Lives Matter and the second being White Lives Matter. She is going to be the first officer who was fired from SPD for racial discrimination. She came into the eye after she misbehaved with a black African old guy for a stupid reason. Racial discrimination got heavy on her now as she cannot be a part of this field forever also she doesn’t deserve to be a police officer if she has such a mentality.

Well, William is that old man who is 69 years old. He was crossing the road with his golf stick and the police officer Cynthia came to him and asked him to give his stick he said that he is using this stick for 20 years she said if he didn’t agree to her she will arrest him and when he denied giving his stick she took him to the police station with his two assistant officers. She made a wrong allegation against him that he showed me the stick and when other officers watched the video nothing was seen like that in the video.

He then filed a lawsuit against her for racial discrimination and misbehaving with him and when the higher position came to know about this incident they sent a letter to her. The letter which was sent to her was her termination letter in which it was written that she is fired from this post as she did racial discrimination and arrest an old man for a silly reason and she cannot be a part of the police for her entire and she will get the salary till now. The man was awarded  $1,278,479 by the jury and he finally got justice.


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