NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on the Mar’s surface in August 2012. Since that day, it has been offering very useful information to the scientists about Mars. It has been traveled around 11.6 miles. During the journey, it also revealed the presence of ancient freshwater which offered all the basic chemical compounds which support microbial life. Now, the rover has attained another milestone. It has covered 2,000 Martian days which is also called as Sols.

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Now the rover is towering Mount Sharp, and it has been climbing since September 2014. One of the best innovations of NASA is Curiosity. The rover is now on its way toward Mars’ Mount Sharp. Because scientists want to carry out a detailed investigation of that place.  

Previously, the scientists had detected a spot is having the clay-bearing rocks and that is the new target for Curiosity rover, and recently it has started its drill on Mars. The evidence of Clay mineral on Mars had amazed scientists as they require water to develop. So, the new area now can offer some significant information about the presence of water below Mars’ surface. That will also help to know about the environment of the area and whether it is suitable for life or not?  

The Curiosity rover will drill the rocks in areas that have clay minerals. After that, it will examine those rock samples using its onboard labs. The rover has all the necessary and advanced equipment to conduct the tests and send it back to Earth. On the other side, NASA has informed that soon it will initiate a new drilling process for clay mineral studies. Well, for now, the work is on the list.  

It may be noted that the rover has conducted a large number of investigations and has also examined the environment which once carried water and wind. It also detected a 600-feet rock which contains groundwater and ancient lakes. By studying those data provided by Curiosity rover scientists have informed that the habitable condition on Mars lasted for around more than millions of years.


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