Today we will talk about James William Awad is a notorious founder of triple 1 Club, explain the fiasco, what was happened in Quebec influencer’s Sunwing party flight. James William is a successful businessman who operates 111 Private Club. He became a best-established entrepreneur making top dollar in the highly promising business sector.


There are many things for telling, you are on the right page for knowing all the information. We will tell you all the details in this article, we will try to cover all the important details in this blog. Read the complete article.

Who is James William Award?

James is currently serving in triple 111, a decentralized company. Recently a topic has become a controversial topic of the day which is Jame’s dispute with the Sunwing plane party representative. A statement has been released by him on Twitter on January 5 explaining the entire fiasco on the flight.

We will detail the matter between him and the flight representative below. Let us tell you James is a talented businessman with knowledge of entrepreneurship and leadership. People are gossiping about his current flight controversy about the arguments he had with the Sunwing security representative. Here are several things to tell you, keep reading.

James William Awad’s plane party controversy has been the talk of the town. Quebec influencers’ Sunwing party flight has been organized by him. He released a thankful statement. He asserts he met with a Sunwing security representative to discuss ten conditions for the group’s return flight home. He convinced them all except for one, requiring an in-flight meal.

Quebec Influencer Check Controversy Explained!

According to Wikipedia, James is the president of triple 111. He manages the entire company. Though William has recognition in the corporate world, his Wikipedia is still to be updated on the internet. If we talk about his age his actual age is not confirmed on any media, but by his looks, his age is between 25-30 years. As per the report, James was a genius kid. when he was only 11 years old, he started programming.

James doesn’t like to share his personal life on social media, so his parent’s identity is out known. His father and mother give good education and have been his back support. If we talk about his net worth so James never revealed his net worth or salary earning in the media.

According to his lifestyle, it clearly indicates that he earned decent money form his business ventures. James has no personal Instagram page, but he has created an account which is a company account name is Triple. Stay connected for more updates.


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