Delhi kept its pace low for so long of the Covid 19 cases in state, even at that time when all other states were detecting the virus patients at a higher rate. However, the Covid-19 transition in Delhi showed a big jump on Sunday, when the city registered 293 fresh cases after 10 days of relatively low figures, whereas even the most affected state Maharashtra reported a drop of nearly half. This was the second highest count of fresh cases in Delhi in a single day and was almost three times the average number of daily cases in the previous week, 105. The first surge was encountered with the evacuation of Tablighi Jamaat members.

Those found positive for the virus in Delhi included at least 17 health workers. “Six doctors, 11 nurses and at least two other employees tested positive for Covid-19 at Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini, North West Delhi,” officials said, adding that the hospital is a major attraction for Covid-19 spreading in the state.

covid 19 cases india

Whereas Maharashtra recorded 440 new cases, a major drop from 811 on Saturday. However the total deaths in the country on Sunday was 53, the second-largest ever since 54 the previous day. With this, India’s total Covid-19 count stands at 27,862. On the bright side, the number of people recovering from the disease in the country now stands at 6,105.

On Sunday, 230 cases are being registered in Gujarat. The western state on Sunday recorded the second-highest record of 18 more deaths from the virus. Maharashtra had the highest number of 19 deaths. Gujarat has a total mortality of 151, second only to Maharashtra, with 342 deaths so far. In Maharashtra, Mumbai continues to be affected one. It recorded 358 new cases with 12 more deaths on Sunday.

Madhya Pradesh, which is again another corona hotspot, crossed its 2,000th mark of corona cases and the 100th death. With 145 new cases registered on Sunday, the state’s Corona count reached 2,090, with Indore at 1,176. Indore also had a large proportion of 91 new cases on Sunday.

Uttar Pradesh recorded 81 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking its total to 1,877 and a record of 75 deaths. Jharkhand on Sunday recorded 15 new Covid-19 cases, the largest one-day cases since its first coronavirus case was registered in the state on 31 March. The total number of the state now stands at 82, with 67 active cases while 13 have been recovered. Two died during treatment.

The rate of Coronavirus cases continues to rise in Bihar as well. With the addition of 23 more positive tested people on Sunday takes it to the total of 274 in the state. However, 56 patients have been discharged from hospitals after treatment on Sunday. But 216 cases are still active in the state whereas two patients died.

Here, Andhra Pradesh reported 81 new Covid-19 cases, taking the total to 1,097. Meanwhile, Telangana became the ninth state in India to have breached the 1,000 mark for Covid-19 cases, 57 days after it announced the first coronavirus patient, after a positive test by a software engineer. Odisha registered three new positive cases to take the state’s Covid-19 tally to 103.


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