The third phase of lockdown which will mark it’s beginning from May 4 for 2 weeks till May 17 has already been declared by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs in order to further contain the spread of Coronavirus. However, this time, it has been implemented with a lot of relaxations and facilities. During this period, areas have been divided for the districts in all the states into red, orange, and green zones, and separate restrictions are imposed in these areas.

While there is almost nil relief in lockdown to the people in the red zone, there is a lot for the people in the orange and green zones. Sale of non-essential items has also been allowed by e-commerce companies in Orange and Green zones. During the third phase of the lockdown starting May 4, barbershops will be open in Orange Zone and Green Zone.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 130 districts under Red Zone, 284 Districts under Orange Zone, and 319 Districts under Green Zone in the country. It will be assessed every week and the zone will change according to the infected cases. In the new guidelines, separate relief has been announced for Red, Orange, and Green zones. However, the prime rule of social distancing will continue as before.

Trucks and freight vehicles will not need any passes! These have given different relief in urban and rural areas. Now, many activities have been allowed in the rest of the district. Till now, no activity was allowed in the Red Zone but very relaxation is allowed now. However, there is nothing for the Containment Area and the buffer zone around it.

What are the Limitations During Lockdown 3?

During Lockdown 3, people will not be allowed to step out except for essential services from 7 pm to 7 am. During this period, the local administration can implement section -144 to stop the movement of people. During this time, rail, air, metro, interstate bus services will not run. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, bars, cinema halls, malls, etc. will remain closed. Religious, political, cultural, social, and sports gatherings will remain banned as before. These restrictions are implemented for all the zones.

There will be a ban on the left of home for the elderly over 65 years of age and children under 10 years, as well as pregnant women and patients suffering from a serious illness. They can only go out for urgent work or for treatment.

Relaxations During Lockdown 3?

Relief Packages will be provided as they are now. At the same time, services through e-commerce in the Red Zone will be allowed which is limited to essential commodities only. But barring the containment area and the buffer zone around it. In the Green and Orange zones, barbershops, liquor, cigarettes, pan, gutka, and tobacco shops will be allowed to open in other areas.


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