The big news is coming that complete Delhi will be under curfew till next Monday Morning. The Delhi Week Curfew will be imposed in Delhi from tonight Monday. The motive to implement the curfew in the entire Delhi is to break the wave of COVID-19 cases regularly registering in the state. The resources that Hospitals need to treat the patient reduced and remain in very short quantities. If we talk about the offices then only government offices and essential services will be open and private offices will work from home. Now, the government and police of Delhi strict over the lockdown because the number of cases is very high.

delhi lockdown whats allowed

The number of new cases registered in the Capital of the country is 25,462. The rate of positivity is confirmed to 30 percent. It is actually very dangerous because every third sample being tested positive in Delhi. The lockdown is the only way to break the chain of transmission in the capital, if any person violates the rules and regulations then Delhi Police have to take strict actions against the person. If we talk about Saturday then a total of 24,375 new cases and 167 deaths reported in the capital. It is actually a very big number of cases and deaths in the national Capital.

The government is very strict against all those people who violate the rules in the week lockdown. The decision of the week lockdown decided when Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met with Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. If we talk about the orders given by the Government then all the auditoriums, restaurants, malls, gyms, and spas will remain shut till further notice in Delhi. Apart from this, gatherings such as social, religious, or political will be completely banned in Delhi. Kejriwal also said that the number of increasing cases has been exerting tremendous pressure on the health pressure of Delhi.

The official statement of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is “The situation is very serious and worrisome. Cases have gone up really fast. That is why we are facing shortages even though everything seemed under control until a few days ago. But the speed at which this corona is growing, no one knows where its peak will be”. Last year, Delhi was completely shut from March 22 and May 18 because of the Chinese Virus. After that, the capital reopened in stages to stop the number of cases reported. Now, the week lockdown again begins in Delhi from tonight and all the people have to follow the restrictions in the lockdown.


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