The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), shared the uplifting news recommending that the present circumstance doesn’t propose any indications of mutation. And considering the cases in India, the key important measures which are forced on hotspots of coronavirus are helping the administration to break the chain and stop the further spread of lethal infection. The Centre also said that social distancing and containment measures are working with that the multiplying pace of positive cases was presently down to 6.2 days, contrasted with 3 preceding to the nationwide lockdown that started from March 25. It is being said that compared to the most recent fourteen days of the last month, a decline of around 40 percent has been recorded since April 1.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal said, “Before the lockdown, the doubling rate was about 3 days, but according to data in the past seven days, it now stands at 6.2 days. Also, India has registered an average growth factor of 1.2 % since April 1, compared to 2.1 in the two weeks preceding that (March 15 to March 31) which is about a 40% decline in the growth factor.”

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He said that almost nineteen States and Union territories which includes Kerala, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Ladakh, Himachal, Chandigarh, Puducherry, Bihar, Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, UP, Karnataka, J&K, Punjab, Assam, Tripura are showing a lower rate of increase of cases to some extent.

He further shared the plan of successfully providing RT-PCR to the country’s medical needs, he said “Rapid antibody detection kits’ manufacture, with a capacity of 10 lakh kits a month, will also be started. Five lakh kits are distributed to districts on the basis of high case burden. The present ventilator manufacturing capacity is 6,000 a month. Necessary efforts in areas of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines are being monitored on a war footing,’’ he said.

Even with this good news, India still has a long fight to go for this pandemic. The country has a total number of cases which stands at 16,132 and 528 deaths. As many as 2511 persons have been cured/discharged after recovery. The active cases now stand at 13,093. According to reports, the rate of fatality is also low while the rate of recovery is rising, indicating that more patients are winning the battle against the disease and returning to their homes.


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