Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in a meeting on Tuesday that some quick steps are required to be taken to stop the expanding COVID-19 cases. They have also identified that some of the states are inattentive towards vaccination. A report has come from the Union Health Ministry that has been released a list of records that show that the new 35,871 infections are just noticed in the last 24 hours in India. On Thursday, there are 22,363 new coronavirus cases has been registered which is 2.05% of the total occurrence. A report has been released on the death toll take off to 159,215 with 171 new mortality. A report has come forward where pregnant women got vaccinated and she gave birth to her child with antiserum against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus India Live Updates.


When doctors check the same of the baby girl they found the presence of antiserum in her blood. Last year when the nation was suffering from this virus the Government decided to announce the pandemic and it drastically affected the economy of India. According to a report of global brokerage firm Nomura, the second movement of COVID-19 will tremendously break the economy. So, it has been decided to announce the partial lockdown in a state like Maharashtra where a number of cases have registered on daily basis. A total of 36,39,999 individuals has been vaccinated in the state. A number of malls, clubs, restaurants, and gym has been ordered to be closed for some time.

The pandemic has also attacked the education system so the Karnataka Government has declared the new academic year for schools from 15th July. This report has been issued by the Primary and Secondary Education Minister S. Suresh Kumar. The Telangana Government has decided to open the schools in the coming days as it has affected the 10th and 12th Board classes. In Gujrat State, the corona cases have been escalated so the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation announced that the local buses, gym, malls, and sports clubs will be closed till the next announcement. They have registered 850 new cases in Rajkot, Surat, and Vadodara.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Noida Police has imposed Section 144 during the festivals Holi, Good Friday Navratri, Shab-e-Barat. The 59 COVID-19 cases registered in the Manipal Institute of Technology campus so they decided to declare it a confinement campus and resided the movement of students who stays in the college hostel. Now the administration will test each student individually. There are no fresh cases that have arrived in Arunachal Pradesh in the last 24 hours. The recovery rate of the state is currently 99.65 which is more than any state. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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