The central government has declared the “Delta Plus” variant of the virus causing Covid-19 as a ‘variant of concern’ in India. Delta Plus, the new variant of coronavirus, has come under focua on the few reports where a the new cases front different regions in Maharashtra as well as other states. In a press conference, the Union Health Ministry has said that “Delta Plus is currently a variant of concern”. Earlier they said that Delta Plus was only a ‘variant of interest’. The new agency PTI report said that over 30 cases of Delta Plus have been registered in Maharashtra state. The health authorities said that last week the newly found variant can trigger the third wave of COVID-19.

Coronavirus Delta Plus Is Now a Variant of Concern in India

The enough samples of Delta Plus has not been detected yet. Around 200 cases found across the globe and 30 cases identified in India. Maharastra state will soon disclose the details of the people detected with the ‘Delta Plus variant’. They require information on whether those people for vaccinated or not. The first variant of ‘Delta Plus’ was identified in March in Europe. A report said that the ‘Delta variant’ is mutated to the form of the ‘Delta Plus variant’. Delta Plus is highly infectious and the main concern is to know whether it can affect the people who got vaccinated. The experts said that Delta Plus ay show

resistance against monoclonal antibodies cocktail treatment. The purpose price for Delta Plus was almost Rs.60,000/-. A report said that the risk of getting infected with this variant may be able to bypass immunity provided by both vaccine and earlier infection. Currently, there is not completely identified that the variant could be more transmissible than others. The Delat Plus cases are low in India as per the data, so as of now it will be the dominant variant in India. After identified the cases in Maharashta, now Kerala, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh has also registered the new ‘Delta Plus’ cases.

Now, this variant is classified as a ‘variant of concern’ in India. These states will send the samples of positive people to the designated laboratories of Indian SARS-coV-2 Genetic Consortium. The Ministry has also advised Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Kerala to send their reports of containment measure, so they can track the vaccination in the regions where the virus has been detected. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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