The wicked ways of Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) are, at last, set to be exposed at Coronation Street next week. Yes, the series is actually getting much attention from the audience because of a crispy twist that the makers add to engage more audience to watch the upcoming episode. The young man who manipulated Billy Mayhew’s (Daniel Brocklebank) heart and made his way back is hell-bent on proving he’s committed to their relationship. In order to do so, he takes his first step and goes to the shop to buy a ring. He thinking to propose her and express his feelings for her.

Coronation Street Spoilers

On the other hand, the biggest question of the show is will Billy make an honest man Todd. So, leaving Billy to be fair would be very challenging indeed for anyone. The answer of Vicar will be worth watching but ahead of this, another clip shows another twist that will be going to happen in the upcoming ones. As for what Todd is afraid of, the letter clearly states that someone wants to destroy Todd’s happiness. If we talk about the message then it stated that “Marry Todd [and] you’ll regret it. Ask about the lies”.

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Coronation Street Spoilers Recap

Not only this but Billy is also shocked after reading the letter and regularly asking for the answers. Now, Todd claims that the letter came from Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) as he had previously threatened him as well. From this incident, another question has arisen that will Billy purchase such a thing?

If we judge after watching the scene then he buys Todd’s lies but it does not solve the entire matter that who sent such a letter to Todd and who want to destroy Todd’s happiness. And have the seeds of doubt been planted in Billy’s mind about his lover? Will he ask Todd further questions on these so-called lies about which the letter speaks?

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Either way, the clever Toad is clearly annoyed by this mystery attacker, and somewhat less clever, it appears! The clips that the makers shared on social media only show some crispy and amazing incidents that will be going to happen in the next week’s episode.

Coronation Street Release Date

Coronation Street airs on ITV and if you are also eager to know the answers to all the questions then you just need to watch the further episode of the show. Otherwise, if you want to know some more information related to the current updates and upcoming shows then stay connected with us. We are providing all the details from some reputed and genuine sources.


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