A piece of shocking news is hitting the internet that police personnel were injured in an incident that took place inside a SOG camp. The attack happened in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday. A man snatched the rifle from the police personnel and fired at him. After the investigation, the police took the person to the camp because he was supposed to be a former militant. When the police officers took him to the camp, he snatches a rifle and fired on police officers that cause critical injury to police personnel.

A man snatched the rifle from the police personnel and fired at him

If we talk about the name of the person who snatches the rifle of the police then his name is Mohamed Amin Malik. After he fired on a cop, he hides in the generator room of the SOG camp while all the police officers persuaded him to surrender. After the incident went viral on social media, many people regularly talking about it. It is actually very unique that a person who calls for the investigation by some cops snatched a rifle from a cop and fired on the police personnel. Many people troll the police officers because it is very reprehensible.

The incident is actually very unique and trolling by millions of netizens on social media across the country. The person was arrested by the police and the investigation that he is a former militant has become true after the activity that he did in the COG Camp. All the police officers arrest him after he hides in the generator room. The media reached the place to get the perfect source of the incident that happened across the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. On Wednesday, the police officers faced a very terrific attack by a former militant who calls for an investigation by the police officers.

The militant is now under investigation and all the people across the country searching for the incident because it is actually very unique to have happened in the SOG camp. All the police officers have facing lots of trolls from the netizens and millions of people across the country giving lots of comments to the security of the police. Of Course, it is not acceptable that a person snatched a rifle from the police and fired on all the police officers who available at the place. One of the police officers injured in the attack and instantly transferred to the medical team. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the incident.


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