Several reality shows have been circulating on the Internet and fans are getting excited to watch every single episode of the shows. More than 100 shows has been aired on national channels and Cooku With Comali Season 3 is one of the top-rated reality show on Star Vijay. The show has come with two seasons and now, the third season is currently running on the channel to entertain the audience. After the last episode, the watchers are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode tonight on Star Vijay and the fans will have to wait for a while to know what will happen next?

Cooku With Comali Season 3 24th April 2022 Written Update

If you have previous episodes so, the fans know about that what could be happened next? The promo videos of the upcoming episode show that the next episode will consist of the elimination round. Last week, the immunity winner Vidyulekha is safe this week and will not be a part of the fourth elimination challenge this week. Well, the challenge name is “Advantage Task” that will crucial all the cooks of the show. The Comalis are dressed up as fellow chefs, and cooks from Cook With Comali 3. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming episode.

Cooku With Comali Season 3 Written Update

As the days are coming close to the end, the competition is going tough and worth watching for all the audience and cooks of the show. Well, the fourth elimination of the show is still suspense and maybe the suspense will gather all the watchers of the show. According to the sources, Santosh and Ammu Abirami are the two bottom contestants of the show.

Well, here is a list of the contestant who have paired: Ammu-Sunitha, Grace-Kureshi, Shrutika-Shivangi, Vidyulekha-Adirchi Arul, Roshini-Barath, Tharshan-Manimengalai and Santosh-KPY Sarath. Now, these contestants have made their space in the show and entertained all the fans around the nation. Currently, season 3 has already engaged a massive hype among watchers and now, they are grabbing more attention of the watchers.

The first task of the next episode featured eating the most amount of Bajjis. Well, the four contestants who will win the task first are Santosh, Grace, Dharshan, and Roshini. On the other side, Darshan and Manimegalai reached close to the winner. While everyone’s favorite Vidyulekha was safe from the elimination and the next episode will show the battle between Santosh and Ammu. While Dharshan won the chief of the week challenge. So, here are lots of things to watch in the upcoming episode. So, get ready to watch the next episode tonight on Star Vijay.


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