The most prominent and entertaining cooking reality show named “Cook with Comali” season 2 is going very interesting and exciting. In the previous, we have seen lots of dramatic moments in the show. In order to boost the attention of the viewers towards the episode of “Cook with Comali” the makers regularly introducing many dramatic and funny moments to impress the audience. It is one of the best cookery cum comedy show. As always, the episode will be presented in a different and unique way. Let us tell you that the upcoming episode of Cookery Show will be screened as “Valentine’s Day Special”.


The contestants will not miss a moment to tickle the audience with their unmatched humor and comic timing. However, he will have to go through a bunch of challenges this week with some interesting twists. As we all know this show is extremely popular as the content is extremely refreshing and the builder of the entire week has the sole power to release tension. If we talk about the task of the latest episode then in the latest episode of the show, the contestants will get the task where they have to prepare a dish using flour.

Also, like every week, they will be given various tasks that fall under the theme of cooking only. To make the atmosphere enjoyable, the participants have to ensure that they take proper care of the entertainment along with the work. To shorten the episode, the episode is now revolving around teams that have joined the show to compete against each other. Venkatesh Bhat and Damu make sure to thoroughly examine the contestants in the upcoming episodes.

Earlier, a “Recreation Special” episode was aired by Cookery Show. In that episode, the participants had to make some changes to the dishes already made. They had to add some spice and specialty to that dish. Thereby creating variety in their dish. Let us tell you that all the participants liked this task very much. If you want to watch the full episode of “Cook with Comali” in detail then do not miss to catch it on Star Vijay at 6:30 Pm.


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