The Hilarious cooking reality show is here coming with another upcoming dramatic episode. As we have seen in the previous episode, the arrival of the wild card entry occurred in the episode, and Balaji was paired with the new entry. The participants were provided with the “mix immunity” function. In the previous episode, in order to win immunity, participants were given the task of preparing a dish using several ingredients, including the pair preparing the dish using ingredients with an amazing taste, an amazing chance to win this immunity.


We would like to tell you that the previous episode proved to be extremely stressful, as all the contestants faced a wild card entry to protect their cards and win immunity. But all the contestants completed the challenge with hard work and efforts. According to the sources, the episode was extremely cheerful along with difficulty. Let us tell you that all the contestants under pressure carried out their work with entertainment. On the other hand, Comali’s kept the atmosphere more interesting and entertaining.

If we are talking about tonight’s episode then, in the upcoming episode, contestants will have to cook the dish again with a new twist and add chili-spices to it. On the other side, their companions will feed the pot on their head. Apart from this, a lot of dramas will be seen in the episode today and the task of today is filled with lots of drama and entertainment. The overall show is going to be very interesting along with lots of tasks and challenges.

After the mixing challenge, participants will face another immune task. Reportedly, the teams of Shakeela and Ritika have been ruled out of immunity for upcoming challenges. In the first immune act, Kani and Sunita win. Both were more excited after winning the immunity task. If you want to know more about this episode then do not forget to watch this upcoming episode of “Cook with Comali” on Star Vijay at 6:30 Pm.




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