We are back once again with another written update. Today we will talk about Star Vijay’s famous show titled “Cook with Comali”. It is a cooking reality show that is doing high TRP contain these days. For the past several weeks, the show has been witnessing different interestingness and strong competition is being seen in the show. Keeping the same drama and spirit intact, we are again back with our next written update related to this show. We will make you aware of all the drama and tasks which are going on, in the show and we will also tell you in detail about what you will get to see on the show in tonight’s episode.Cook With Comali 2nd January 2021 Today's Latest Episode: Who Will Be Eliminated

The upcoming episode starts with Bala as Bala will be seen pulling the legs of all the contestants today while taking entry in the show. Due to this, all the contestants will start seeing each other. After that, the episode will begin. Let us tell you that in the meantime, Bala, Mani Megalai, and Parvathy saran will all be seen giving a task to the contestants, which will be interesting as well as being a little bizarre.

According to promo videos, within the task given to all the contestants, a crown will be placed on the face of all the contestants and after that, the eyes of all the people will be closed. So today’s bizarre task will be that all contestants will have to cook in a certain period by tying a crown to each other’s mouth.

Now, it will be interesting to see who will win this task because as we all know that there have been many contestants eliminated in the last episode, which has created fear in the hearts of all the contestants to secure their place. However, it is not that fear has arisen only among the contestants, but there is also a passion for many contestants to do something. It will be interesting to see that the contestants will either give up or try to get the title to “Cook with Comali”.


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