Looks like the opposition party is not pleased with the decisions made by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on April 14. Many Congress pioneers including Abhishek Singhvi and P Chidambaram lashed out against the message given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on Tuesday, where he extended the lockdown till May 3.

When PM Modi announced the nationwide lockdown extension till May 3rd, 2020. PM Modi also praised and extended gratitude toward all the residents in the nation for keeping up order and keeping the discipline intact by following the lockdown guidelines dutifully. Abhishek Singhvi, speaker of the opposition party, took to Twitter and pinpointed and wrote PM Modi’s speech was brimming with courage yet comes up short on the significant data and affirmation, it lacks the plans for the poor and middle class people who were hoping for the concrete measures to be taken.

His tweet said, “Amazing PM address. Exhortation, rhetoric, inspiration…..yet hollow on specifics! No financial package, no details, no concrete item. Neither for the poor nor middle class nor industry nor businesses. Lockdown is good but cannot be end in itself! Where is single livelihood issue? ”

narendra modi vs rahul

Singhvi also raised the issues regarding subtleties of GDP allocation and relief packages that will be necessary during the lockdown. He even went down to say that the Prime Minister’s address to the nation ‘without specific guidelines is like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark’. Congress leader Chidambaram also scrutinized the speech given by the PM. He said that it just examined what was evident which was the lockdown. On twitter, he wrote that PM has not paid attention to the CMs interest for money related help or the recommendations given by financial advisors.

Here, Rahul Gandhi in a video conference on Thursday, criticised the government’s policy on approach on handling novel coronavirus, saying that the forced lockdown is only a “pause” button that is just going to delay the spread of the infection. The Congress chief said that the lockdown is just going to bolt up the illness and testing should be increased to handle the circumstance. He further said that, though he disagrees with the Prime Minister on a lot of issues but now this is time to fight against Covid-19, not with each other.

Prior, in a tweet, Rahul Gandhi had said that lakhs of individuals couldn’t take advantage of the public distribution system as they do not have ration cards and that emergency ration cards ought to be given to those confronting a shortage of food in this time of lockdown.


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