The Internet is very powerful because it makes news very popular in just a few minutes. Recently a little confusion between fans of Madonna makes a funny moment all over the world. Yesterday at late night, Diego Maradona died from a heart attack but fans think that famous legend Madonna dies yesterday and paying tribute to her. After people trending for Madonna then many people are trying to manage the situation and try to solve the confusion. While the entire world mourning after the death of Diego Maradona many people become part of the fun and also the reason for confusion.

Maradona dies: Social media users create confusion, pay tribute to Madonna  instead

Diego Maradona Died Yesterday

All the fans giving a tribute to famous football player Diego Maradona some people are giving tribute to famous American singer and songwriter Madonna. Many people start trolling about Queen of Pop alongside Diego Maradona. Twitter is a very huge platform where many people give their opinion about the entire situation held over the world. You can know anything about the trending hashtags where many people give lots of information about the topic. After the death of a famous footballer Diego Maradona, many people make hashtag and start giving their emotional tribute to the footballer.

Along with this hashtag, another confusing and also funny hashtag giving another tribute to living singer Madonna. She is a very famous and popular singer and songwriter who got fame from her songs. All the fans are very giving very genuine tribute to Madonna but they all are trolled by those people who know that Madonna is living and well. Many fans mistook Maradona’s name as Madonna. So, if you want to know the actual matter then go on Twitter now and see how people trolling hashtags in the trending section. Now, Twitter showing tribute to both personalities.

Trending and Confusing Hashtag About Madonna

All the people are regularly posting hashtags about the personalities. Twitter is a very huge platform where many people make hashtags daily and regularly trolling it to give perfect information about the topic. Recently the main hashtag for Madonna’s death is trolled by many people and they are regularly giving a very emotional tribute to the singer. To know more updates stay tuned with us and get all the information related to the topic.


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