A video of a Bengal tiger being ambushed by neighborhood anglers in Sundarban has raised the worry of natural life activists. The video cut shot by anglers from a trawler demonstrates the tiger swimming near the vehicle as hysterical anglers had a go at pushing the creature away utilizing bamboos.

The trawler was out on angling when the video was apparently recorded close to the Kendo Island, about a kilometer far from Bangladesh coastline inside the Sundarban Tiger Reserve. The trawler was riding its way back to Raidighi when the anglers recognized the tiger and started shouting “maar, maar (beat, beat)”, as they moved towards the creature.

State woods division authorities have started researching the issue and are inspecting the video. “We have seen the clasp where local people are harassing and pursuing the tiger. We will assemble points of interest of the trawler and distinguish the anglers. Procedures have been started and we will capture them soon,” said Nilanjan Mullick, field chief of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve.

Naming the case as a stray episode, Mullick included, “It demonstrates an absence of mindfulness among local people. It’s anything but a typical pattern in Sundarban. In any case, on the off chance that it has happened, we will make a lawful move and FIR is being stopped against the culprits.”

“This is, in fact, a matter of concern. The neighborhood populace in Sundarban is known for their collaboration. It is a direct result of their help that tiger protection in Sundarban has been a win. However, such demonstration of disturbance by a group of individuals have given an awful name to the whole angling network in Sundarban,” said Joydeep Kundu, individual from the West Bengal State Wildlife Advisory Committee.


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