Unfortunately, after the back to back bad news, another piece of bad news is here and we want to tell you that the fabulous comedian 86-years-old Jeff Scott has been passed away on 12 January 2021. He was a Famous Comedian and Piano Player as well. Jeff was part of many businesses for many years. After knowing about his death millions of peoples and television personalities are were quick to give their condolence on Jeff Scott’s death news. Let us first know who was the Jeff Scott and then we will know Death’s reason and see sorrowful tweets on Twitter.TRIBUTES POUR IN ON TWITTER FOLLOWING THE COMEDIAN’S DEATH

The Comedy Store shared the official confirmation on Twitter “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved house pianist-archivist, Jeff Scott. Jeff was a master of musical and comedic timing. He would riff with the seasoned comics on stage, often playing along to their sets,” they wrote. To continue condolence they “He always made the newer comics feel like they belonged to the Comedy Store family and provided a soundtrack for many’s journeys in comedy. He acted as a mentor to many and would rightfully scold newer comics who left the stage bitterly because they didn’t quite understand the energy of the room yet. It was never out of hate, only love – love for the Store, love for comedy, and love for the comics.” At the end of the tweet, the Comedy Store thank the legend Jeff Scott to give 25 years of service from his life.

Let’s know about the legendary comedian personality. Jeff Scott 34 years of experience entertainment king who won many hearts due to his marvelous comedy and Piano themes. In his career, he performed over 700 shows for Sea World Theme Parks, both Ohio and the San Diego CA park, and doubled the real Pee-wee for the film Big Top Pee-wee.

Along with such remarkable work, he did not stop himself there and he composes many credits include the musicals: Bombed A Lot, Til Death Do Us Start, and I Was A Teenage Homo. from 1995, Jeff has been the main pianist in the world popular comedy store on historic sunset. At the age of 86 years old, he still following his passion and performing comedy acts for his audience. At this sorrowful moment, we want to tell you one thing only that the legend Jeff Scott will never be forgotten by anyone.


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