Hello folks, today’s written update of Barrister Babu Colors Tv channel serial begins with a shocking incident. On the first screen, we saw that Trilochan was trying to convenience Bondita that Anirudh is not asking anything good. Further, she also said that he does not believe in you at all, but I will give you the assurance that I totally believe in you. In reply to this, she told him that it is not a good thing. Additionally, he tells her to only concentrate on enriching as a spouse, and he thinks that his trick worked. Later, Anirudh said Saudamini that you should take rest for a while.


In the meanwhile, Saudamini’s father came and told Anirudh that my daughter was once a very happy girl, she uses to laugh a lot but unfortunately, nowadays she does not look happy. She always looks sad. Her father also added that if her daughter was fallen down today, he would never able to talk to her. After listening to her dad, he replied that he also loves her a lot, and take care of her. But he does not know why she is so upset and why she decided to do so today.

Anirudh was scolded by her dad. Her father said so many things to him such as he said that there was a time when she used to think of you every time but after you burst all her goals & desires. Her father also indicates that she can commit suicide as she is so frustrated nowadays but in reply, Anirudh told her dad that he won’t let that happened. After scolding him, he said that I just want you to take care of her and give some special time. She will automatically get recover if you do so with her.

In the next screen, Saudamini requests him to give the notes to Bondita, she will be thankful. After this Anirudh thinks that he has done very bad to her but still, she worries for him & Bondita’s joy. When all these talks were going on, Bihari comes and informs Anirudh has arrived home, so you should sleep without any tension, do not go to him now. But in reply, she said, he must have to answers all her questions.

In the next scene of today’s Barrister Babu serial spoiler alert, Bondita requests him to assist her in doing a magic trick. He went from there, and she proceeds to Anirudh but he told her to not talk as he is not feeling good at present. That’s all for today’s episode. Stay tuned with us for the latest written update of Barrister Babu.


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