Who Is Colin Jeffrey Haynie? Grantsville Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering Mother, Siblings: A shocking incident happened in Utah in which a teenager named Colin Jeffrey killed his mother and three siblings. He also injured his father and now he came forward and now he is guilty of the crime he did. He pleaded guilty to killing his family after two years & for attempting to murder his father. This incident has shocked the people and this news is getting viral on the internet like fire. As he tried to kill his entire family and people want to know what happened in the courtroom and the charges put on him by the court. Let’s find more information about this news. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Colin Jeffrey Haynie

Who Is Colin Jeffrey Haynie?

This incident happened on 17th January in 2020. A teenager named Colin Jefferey who was just 16 years old killed his mother and two brothers and his sister. As per information, he skipped school on 17th June and wait for his family when they reached home he shot them several times and killed them. They got wounds on their neck & body and his brothers named Mathew 14 & Alexis 15, and his sister Maylan 12, his mother Consuelo Alejandra Haynie who was 52 years old. He killed them on the spot around 1 PM.

When his father reached home as he waited for his father too he shot him in the legs and he succeed to take the gun from him and he get saved at that moment. His father called a neighbor to take him and his son to the hospital, he was unaware that he killed his family, and later he told everything to him. He now pleaded guilty on Tuesday to killing his entire family when he was just 16 years old. He also pleaded guilty to attempting his father’s murder.

Charges & Accusations On Colin Jeffery?

A judge has set bail on Monday for this 16-year-old teenager for $4 million as he killed his entire family. In the 3rd district Court on Monday Judge Dianna Gibson ordered him that he will be under Juvenile detention and that a public defender will be appointed to him. His father and elder brother were presented in the hearing but they didn’t give any statements. The court also said that he have to be under Juvenile until he turned 25 years old and become an adult. The lawyer gave the statement that he is horrific and he has to go through a lot. But he attempted the crime at a young age so the charges can be decreased.

Who Is Colin Jeffrey Haynie? Grantsville Man Pleads Guilty To Murdering Mother, Siblings


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