WATCH: Cody Ridsdale Accident Video, Leaked On Twitter and Reddit: The news is related to the Calgary bar as a group of people were struck by what the police have been calling a driver who is impaired. The wife of Cody Ridsdale, Katrina had posted about the incident that had happened this Saturday as she said that her husband had been walking along the sideway nearby the Ranchman’s which was very early in the morning and he was hit by a vehicle. There has been a report of five people that have been injured in that incident. She also mentioned that many had suffered a lot of injuries due to the accident. Follow More Updates On

Cody Ridsdale Accident

Cody Ridsdale Accident Video

Katrina went to Facebook and wrote, “He has three broken spinous processes in T5-7 and the ribs went with them. He is lucky to be alive. Also lucky are the other five friends of ours who were also struck.” The Calgary Stampede had also confirmed that they knew about the accident and also that Cody was involved in it.

Kristen Anderson said that Cody was just a passerby who was struck by the allegedly drunk driver. Kristen is the manager of communications and media relations for the Calgary Stampede. There is confirmation from the reports that Cody has been discharged from the hospital and that he will not be driving again.

Cody Ridsdale Accident Explained

There has been a lot of support from the Chuckwagon community. Katrina had also mentioned in her post that she was thankful to all those who had been offering their support soon after they heard about the accident. She added that their barn was also receiving a lot of help and she knew that her boys were getting the best care and the barn crew was well fed and was also watered properly as well. She felt really blessed to be a part of that community and cannot be thankful enough for all the support.

The officials have said it will take a while for Cody to come back to the wagon, however, he is not in any mortal danger. The Calgary police have arrested the drunk driver that was responsible for the accident and has put relevant charges on him. They will be inquiring the driver about what had led to him being drunk in the morning and then driving in that state. However, there is no further information for now. So, until further info is received, stay tuned.


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