PICTURES: Coco Lodge Love Island Before Surgery And Nose Job – Is She Transgender?: Coco Lodge, the new guest at Love Island has covered the limelight for one of her photos. Recently, Coco Lodge entered Love Island with the other five beautiful ladies. In the last episode of 3 July, the Love Island show ended up with the confusion of Andrew, whom he was going to select. He was first joined with Tasha Ghouri, but after some thoughts of the other women, Andrew started to look for another option. Follow More Updates On

Coco Lodge Love Island

Coco Lodge Love Island Before Surgery

As it can be seen in the last episode of Love Island that some women told Andrew that they did not like the behavior of Tasha with him. According to the women, Tasha was not treating Andrew well enough, and he could be treated well. Now there have been reports, that Coco Lodge has decided on her particular move into Love Island.

Coco Lodge Love Island

There have been a lot of speculations on social media platforms, that Coco has undergone some surgery on her face. Even whenever there is a discussion during the show about the surgery of Coco Lodge, she puts herself out of the discussion that somewhere indicates that she had undergone surgery to look more attractive.

Who Is Coco Lodge?

Some netizens have put their speculations further and said that Coco Lodge is transgender, and not even only netizens but some fans of the show Love Island raised the question of whether she is transgender or not, but Coco Lodge has never clarified anything about any rumor about herself.

No matter what, all the fans of Coco Lodge still like her for who she is and who she looks, and she also has some admirers who admire her for the beauty that she brings to the table no matter how she presents herself. Last time, the Casa Amor bombshells also drew their attention to the media in the most famous British show Love Island.

Is Coco Lodge Transgender?

Love Island is one of the most popular shows that broadcast a British dating reality game. The show was created by Brent Baker, Mark Busk-Cowley, Tom Gould, and Joe Scarrat, and it for the first-time show got aired in two series in 2005 and 2006 on ITV. The Love Island series is narrated by Lain Stirling. The series of Love Island is a part of the International Love Island franchise and produces twenty-two versions in the entire world. When the show Love Island was first broadcasted on television, it proved to be the most influential and successful show in Great Britain. According to some sources, the show was focused to attract an audience of 16 to 34 years of age, and that was the reason behind its success of the show. However, after the survey, the information came out that Love Island was mostly liked by teenagers who were at their growing age.


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