Cockle Train Accident: On Tuesday a woman and her two kids luckily avoided severe injuries after being involved in a car accident that collided with a train. This is a matter of South Australia where a car was struck by a steam train but the positive vibe in this news is nobody sustained injuries. This news was confirmed by South Australia police. SA Police said that this accident occurred around 12:30 PM on Tuesday near Port Elliot. Follow More Updates On

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Cockle Train Accident

Since SA police shared this news everyone is searching and scrounging web articles to learn about the Cockle train accident. If you are desired to explore this story then you should read down this column till the end, we have explained the further information about the Cockle train accident comprehensibly in the forthcoming particulars of this column. Scroll down the page for more details.

South Australia Police also revealed that the woman was driving her car alongside Basham Beach Path which is near Port Elliot and when this tragedy happened it was around 12:30 PM on 12th July 2022. Furthermore, the car collided with Cockle Train at a crossing level on Fleurieu Peninsula in SA. You might be thinking what about the victims of the accident. We will give you updates about their health in the next section. Learn more below.

A spokesperson for the South Australia Police said that a 43 years old woman and her children of ages 13 and 11 did not sustain injuries but they were shaken by the accident. Furthermore, the train involved in the accident and its passengers also escaped injury. Reportedly, the train is widely popular with tourists as it runs between Victo Harbor and Goolwa carrying 115 passengers. Read further details about the Cockle train accident in the further placed section of this article. Kindly scroll down the page for more details.

Following the incident, the squads of the Fire Service of Goolwa Country, Port Elliot, and Middleton attended the scene along with South Coast State Emergency Service volunteers. Meanwhile, South Australia Police department was the first to report to the scene. Following the incident, Basham Beach Road was temporarily closed but it was reopened after the clearance signal from the respective authorities. Later the police department of SA also reported that the 43 years old woman would be fined as she did not give way to the Cockle Train. Stay tuned to this page for such content.


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