Cobra Kai which didn’t hit anyone’s interest earlier with it’s concept has suddenly become one of the endearing one, ever since its first season came on YouTube premium. The love continued for the second and now the anticipation of the third one is already building up. The happy news is, Cobra Kai makers are keeping up the expectations and wrapped up the shooting of season 3.

Journey so far..
Cobra Kai is an American action drama special series available for YouTube premium users. It takes its inspiration from the Karate Kid, the story follows the life of Johnny Lawrence after the 34 years to All-Valley Tournament. He decided to reopen the Cobra Kai karate dojo. The previous season finished with the break up of Samantha with Miguel, she joins dojo. Besides, Miguel starts dating Tory. The second season was as impressive as the first one.

It drew a lot of attention to the fans and was widely watched all over the world. The characters of Johny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso have been exceptional with their roles assigned to them. The end of Season 2 showed both dojos and Johnny’s lost their career as a sensei. Both the season’s were were loved by the audiences and they cannot wait to witness those action scenes in the latest season.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Release date

Cobra Kai 3 Release Date

As per the reports, the shoot has been wrapped up in December 2019 and gone for the post production work. The pattern of new seasons follow a one year difference, the first came in May 2018 and second in April 2019. But, there is no certainty that Season 3 will follow the same steps. Considering the pandemic situation around the world, the makers may delay it for the year’s end. But, who knows? they can surprise their watchers with an early release.

Cobra Kai 3 Cast

The most part of the cast will be the same, as the story is focused on certain characters there is hardly any chances that makers will introduce someone new in the series. And, you would see the same cast that were the part of season 2.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Plot

The story of the new season may take it’s adaptation from the previous one. The makers have to clear out many things that were left unexplained. You may see Johnny and Daniel making a fresh start leaving their past behind in Season 3.


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