German Basketball League is not going to stop to introduce some amazing matches of the league. Fans always love to watch the matches of the league by visiting the arena. Maybe, a huge crowd will be seen in the match of team Crailsheim Merlins (CM) and team Giessen (GIE) is going to play another match tonight.

CM vs GIE Live Score

There are some expectations that a huge crowd will be seen on the court of the team. As this match is going to be a real battle between these two teams. Both teams will fight for their victory.

CM vs GIE Live Score

If you are finding the best player to choose among the list to create a Dream11 list, here are some names from where you can create your own team. According to the sources, players such as TJ Shorts, Jaren Lewis, Florian Koch, and Kendale McCullum is going to become a part of the match.

You can choose these players for your team. Here are lots of interesting things to watch in the match such as players’ skills and their way of play. Well, every fan should go to watch this outstanding match tonight. Here we are going to share some important details of the match.

CM vs GIE: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Crailsheim Merlins (CM) vs Giessen (GIE)
  • League:- German Basketball League
  • Venue:- Arena Hohenlohe
  • Date:- Wednesday, February 16, 2022
  • Time:- 01:00 AM IST

CM vs GIE: Team Squad

Crailsheim Merlins (CM):- Dejan Kovacevic, Alexa Kovacevic, Rene Kindzeka, Jon Axel-Gudmundsson, Maurice Stuckey, Elias Lasisi, Jaren Lewis, Fabian Bleck, Richmond Aririguzoh, TJ Shorts, Terrell Harris, Jared Savage, Bogdan Radosavljevic, and Matej Zejdl.

Giessen (GIE):- Kilian Binapfl, Maximilian Begue, Dennis Nawrocki, T.J. Williams, Kendale McCullum, Kyan Anderson, Bjarne Kraushaar, Phillip Fayne, Florian Koch, Nuni Omot, Martins Laksa, Tim Uhlemann, Johannes Lischka, and Jalon Miller.

CM vs GIE: Lineups Player

Crailsheim Merlins (CM):- Bogdan Radosavljevic, Jaren Lewis, Fabian Bleck, TJ Shorts, Terrell Harris, Richmond Aririguzoh, Maurice Stuckey, and Elias Lasisi.

Giessen (GIE):- Kendale McCullum, Phillip Fayne, Florian Koch, Nuni Omot, Kyan Anderson, Maximilian Begue, Bjarne Kraushaar, and Kilian Binapfl.

CM vs GIE: Match Prediction

According to the point table, team CM is standing on the 8th spot with 18 matches where they won 11 matches and lost 7 matches. On the other side, team GIE is standing on the 17th position with lots of losses.

The team has won 4 matches and lost 14 matches out of 18 matches. After analyzing the previous performance of the teams, team CM has more chances to win this upcoming match tonight.


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