A well-known romance author CM Owens death news has been disclosed by her friend SM Shade on Tuesday. They posted the news of her death on Facebook which shocked her fans and many took social media to share the news as well. CM Owens was a romance author and also used  her alternative pen names ST Abby Nad Kristy Cunning.

CM Owens Wiki-Bio
CM Owens Author Death

Her full name was Christie Owens. She wrote, “Romance with a little chaos” where people has appreciated her work. Her most notable work crosses genres are vampire romance, paranormal romance, and young adult. She acknowledged for the Paranormal

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Romance trilogy, Deadly Beauties and The Sterling Shore Series. She has imposed a back catalogue of over 20 novels. Christie was working in a plumbing distribution warehouse before she started writing. Her father Mike has always encouraged her to persue her passion for writing he supported her writing career as her other sisters were doing.

CM Owens Author Death Wiki-Bio

Her fellow author SM Shade also wrote that CM Owens passed away on Saturday 24th July at a tragic incident. It’s heartbroken to know that she is not with her anymore.

She will be missed. CM is a large part of the reason I have the writing career I have today. She’s the reason I found my place in comedy and in this book world. SM Shade has also described the Owens that she was daring, kind and funny and also incredibly talented and a wonderful friend. There are reports that confirmed about Owens death.

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They said that she died due to the injuries she sustained in a car crash. She was born in 1984 and she was one of the best storytelling authors with many different types of romance in her works. She has worked on paranormal, wild and crazy tales where

CM Owens Author Cause Of Death

there was a little twist on fun and love. She wrote about many genres such as paranormal fantasy to immortal stories and sweet stories to dark and perverted stories. She also identified herself as Kristy Cunning for Reverse Harem and S.T Abby for darker theme books.

She was motivated many with her work and she had a huge fan following on Facebook and Twitter. Her fans also created a page to express their grief on social media. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


  1. She tragically was a victim of domestic violence, shot and killed by her husband Daniel Seth Cunningham who admitted to the shooting to 9-1-1 dispatch.


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