On February 13, 2021, the climate activist Disha Ravi has been arrested by Delhi police personals. She was got in trend due to her movement for global benefits and questions about the protection of nature. She started the Friday For Future Movement after the glacier burst incident in Uttarakhand. The 21 years old volunteer took extreme attention over the internet and getting viral in few days. As per the official news, there is a bundle of information regarding the case. Let’s start to unveil the latest news.

Disha Ravi

Disha Ravi started the movement but in 2018 Greta Thunberg took the first step regarding this climate change activism. Thunberg also got huge attention across the world but as we know there was no action was taken to save nature and take strict action to control the unwanted changes in Climate. Ravi Colleagues told the media that  “She is vegan and works for a vegan start-up,”.

Disha is a college student at Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru, plunged in. She started the campaign in support of nature. She coordinated the strike in various places. Disha’s motivation can be seen easily by watching her interview. In which she told the media that how her farmer grandparents suffered many problems due to climate change and the same thing is faced by many peoples. But nobody doing some strict cure methods to overcome continuous effects in the form of Climate Change.

As per the information, Disha is the first-ever person arrested in this type of case “We have found that she made several changes in the toolkit related to farmers protest and further spread it in certain groups on social media,”-The Hindu. Another news is yet to come here keep in touch.


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