Clash Royale Mega Decks: Challenge Best Decks Clash Royale 2022: Clash Royale is one of the most renowned mobile games of all time. It is still a very popular game and has been getting many updates ever since it was launched. There are always events that they bring in every update. These new events and some old events are very interesting to play and some of them never get old. One such event is the Mega deck event that was introduced way back and has been getting introduced in many updates, though not all updates are necessary to have it. Follow More Updates On

Clash Royale Mega Decks

Clash Royale Mega Decks

The event is such that the deck that you made for the game is not a regular one with 8 cards but a big one that has more than 8 cards. However, this also makes it trickier to build as there are a lot of cards to use, and finding the right one is difficult in the regular deck as well, so, it gets even more difficult in the mega deck event. There is the suggestion that is in the game deck settings, however, those decks are mostly random and there is no guarantee that the deck will be good.

The event offers different rewards every time it is introduced but gold is usually always there. However, you get only 3 chances of getting the rewards and the competition gets harder every time you win. This is one of the main reasons why the choice of the deck is very important and you need to be careful while making that choice of which cards would be better to play with. The challenge is a little easier for the owners of the battle pass as they are allowed an unlimited number of retries which would have otherwise cost them a lot of gems.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best mega decks that you can use in the challenge.

Deck #1 – The Log, Minion Horde, Pekka, Skeleton army, goblins, zap spell, Valkyrie, baby dragon, lumberjack, fire spirit, spear goblins, giant snowball, giant, goblin giant, poison spell, furnace, fireball, ice wizard

Deck #2 – Canon, tombstone, electro wizard, magic archer, witch, night witch, hog rider, poison spell, lightning, balloon, golem, wall breakers, royal ghost, earthquake spell, inferno tower, inferno dragon, sparky, musketeer.

You can use these decks to earn the rewards in the event, however, keep in mind that the skill is going to be a major factor as well. A good deck isn’t necessary to guarantee a win and the deployment of the right card at the right time is crucial as well. So use these decks and your skill to show them who’s the boss.


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