WATCH: Chris Sale Viral Video: MLB World Reacts On Twitter: A video of Chris Sale surfaced on the internet and that video is pulling him into the limelight zone of the media. In the video, the Boston Red Sox pitcher is seen smashing pieces of equipment. The ongoing viral video of Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale is showing that even the minor league baseball game is not safe from his anger or short temper. According to the source, the recently went viral video of Chris Sale surfaced on the internet on Wednesday when the Boston Red Sox pitcher registered a disappointing rehab start. There are several questions that are being asked related to this news. In the following sections, we will explore this news. You are advised to stick with this news and must go through the below-placed particulars of this article. Follow More Updates On

Chris Sale Video

Chris Sale Viral Video

As per the source, the anger video of Chris Sale surfaced on Twitter where it has been watched by more than 1.5 million people as of yet. And the views are still counting and increasing. In the recently went viral video, people can see Chris Sale throwing pieces of equipment and he was also taken out during the third inning in the match of Worcester Red Sox against Rochester Red Wings at Polar Park on Wednesday 6th July 2022. Keep reading it and learn further details in the next section.

Chris Sale Viral Video on Twitter

Reportedly, Chris Sale was slamming a baseball bat against the wall that was captured by the cameras. In the video, Chris Sale is also being seen demounting a television from the wall and thrashing it hard with rage. And when he saw a person coming toward the dugout he walked out. This strange and awkward reaction of Chris Sale shocked everyone and left them stunned. Meanwhile, people and spectators also enjoyed the anger of Chris Sale. But this kind of behavior of sportsperson is not acceptable.

After seeing this video on Twitter many people showed their expressions. JomBoy Media said, “Chris Sale seemed a bit disappointed with his rehab performance tonight”. As per the source, Chris Sale flourished as many as 72 pitches that lasted for 3.32 innings. In addition, he also allowed three hits, five strikeouts and one earned run. Following the match, the Worcester Red Sox tweeted, “Chris Sale mound at Polar Park once again and goes 3.2 innings with 5 Ks”. Stay tuned to this page for more details and updates.


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