Now, again we are back with another interesting written update of the popular television daily soup, Choti Sardarni. The show is already going on very well and everyone is waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the show. The story of the show is going on the top and collecting lots of TRP from the audience. The episode begins with everyone dancing at the function.

Choti Sardarni, 30th July 2021

Then, Minty comes and the groom grabs Minty’s hand as he is drunk. When the groom grabs Minty’s hand then she feels uncomfortable. After that, Rajveer’s friend asks him to stay out of the matter as he is doing all this only for Minty as she can’t fight for herself.

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After hearing this, Rajveer tells him that love makes any person do anything, and in love, both the partner sees their lives in each other without whom they can’t live. Seher is also standing there, Rajveer looks at her and she smiles. On the other hand, the groom holds Minty from her waist and dancing.

When Seher and Rajveer see that Minty is very uncomfortable, Rajveer goes to help Minty. Suddenly, someone pulls him and forces him to dance. The groom regularly touching Minty that makes her very uncomfortable.

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After that, Minty pushes him but he forces her to drink alcohol. She said no and asks him to leave her but he still doesn’t leave her. Then, Seher pushes him back and everyone stops dancing. The groom is just about to slap Seher but she stops his hand and slaps him. He falls to the floor and everyone is shocked. After watching all this thing, Minty’s brother scold Seher and asks how dare she does this with the groom.

But, Rajveer comes and defends Seher by saying that there is a very big reason behind doing this. On the other hand, Minty’s mother apologizing to the groom’s mother but Seher asks her why she is sorry to her.

Seher further says that her son misbehaves with Minty and he will say sorry to her. Later, She goes to groom and asks him that he doesn’t get as Minty said him no for so long. He forcefully touches her and forces her to drink alcohol. After hearing this, the groom asks who the hell Seher is and Minty will be going to become his wife and she will do anything with her.

Now, the upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni will be appearing very brilliant and anticipated. The show will be airing on Colors TV at 7:30 PM. Now, if you want to know some more details related to the television daily soups then you just need to stay connected with us.


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