Choti Sardarni is one of the popular serials which comes with numerous twists nowadays and the serial getting huge TRP because of its continuously increasing audience. The upcoming episode is ready to come with an outstanding thriller. The episode will start with Seher who hitting herself and looks very upset.

Choti Sardarni, 8th September 2021

She is very sad and crying also. Rajveer enters in the room and asks her that what is she doing. He says, are you silly. So let’s know each and every detail about this upcoming episode.

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Later Rajveer says you are so strong and Seher takes off the locket and gives it to him. Seher says everything is over. Rajveer says I will talk to dida. She will understand. We won’t get married. He hugs her. Seher cries. Kunal cries and Rajveer arms. At the moment background music started.

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Seher feels sad and thinking about what will happen when she saying truth in front of every member. She says to Prama and Karan i dont know how all the family member feels after knowing everything about it. Because of this i stopped trusting myself. She says now i hate myself and wanted to destroy myself. Badi Bi comes to the place and hugs her. She cries so much. Seher tells i love kunal less than my life. Badi Bi says stop crying.

After seeing all the situation Seher says i dont want to drag Rajveer in this matter and i don’t know what will happened to me but he is my best friend and will protect him from this matter. I cant ruin is life because of my personal problem. Rajveer says to Harshdeep I can’t marry Seher.

She says what’s the reason? He says there’s no reason. She says then I can’t cancel it. You can watch this serial on Colors Tv. Even the viewers can watch this serial on Voot also. It is the online platform of Colors Tv shows.


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