“Choti Sardarni” in today’s episode show begins where the Rajveer said did you want to fight with the Sartaj? The Cops enter. They said what happens? Who creates the problems? Sartaj said arrest him now. Everyone is shocked, Seher says no, it’s me. you have to arrest me because I am the reason who created all the problems here. Then Rajveer says it’s me. Seher again said that she is created all this trouble and arrest me. Rajveer again said to cops arrest me.

choti sardarni

Then Sartaj gets angry and said what is happening here? Seher said I should be in jail and you have to be in a hospital. She says your hand is bleeding then he said don say this with so much love. Otherwise, I can’t able to take a breath. then the cop arrest the Veer.

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Seher starts to collect the money. Jajay asks her what are you doing? She replies she helps the Rajveer and he gets the bailed. He says that he has to pay the studio rent. you can’s give your savings money. Seher starts to remember that how Rajveer saves her life. Seher says he cut his hand and saved my life.

How can I be selfish? Someone comes and knocks on the door. When the door opens so a girl standing outside the door and asks where are you going? Seher sees her and says,s Dimpy Ji. Then she says where is my rent? Jajay replies my wallet was stolen and I am suffering from a stone problem and my mother is also so sick.

On the other side, Seher tries to go outside quietly. Dimpy holds his hand and said do not make an excuse. Dimpy says pay my rent or keys. Seher gives her the keys and says you are right you don’t have any relation with my dreams. Jejay says but…. Seher replies I will find out my way. Jeyjay said she never listens to anything. Then he says if my brother is rich like his I never talk to you. Her brother is so rich person if he wants to buy hai airport land so he can.

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Karan says this plot is perfect to build a school or a hospital. The Param said who told you to buy this plot? Karan said no one can enter my office without taking my permission. Param goes back to the door and asks Karan, can I come in? Karan replies no. And they both start fighting with each other. For more latest updates stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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