Many people continuously searching to know the complete written update of Choti Sardarni of 1st September 2021. The episodes begin with Seher and Rajveer’s Haldi program starts. The water is collected in a pot and Baid Bi recalls Seher’s words that she doesn’t want to fall the water on Rajveer as she can’t love him. On the other hand, Param says Arunita to take this pot to Rajveer and Badi Bi will also go with her.

Choti Sardarni 1st September 2021

All the preparations in Rajveer’s house have been completed and everyone dances. Then, Ramila says the pot will be here soon and call Rajveer. Arunita and Badi Bi come in with the pot and everyone welcome them.

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On the other hand, Rajveer looking at the servant and then Rajveer pretends to get his foot injury. He screams and everyone comes to him and then he looks at the servant. One of them turned off the lights and another is about to exchange it. Nikhil stops him and then Dida picks the pot and pours the water on Rajveer.

Tricky throws a slingshot and waterfalls on Rajveer. Everyone claps and starts shouting to enjoy the moment. Seher calls Rajveer. After that, Ankush also calls Rajveer and says this paper has yesterday’s date and it has the hotel’s name and number.

Harshdeep says its time to use Mausi Ji. Suddenly, Seher also calls Rajveer and says they have to go to hotel hill. They have to ask them why did they pick Kunal. After hearing this, Rajveer says she can’t leave the house and says him that he will go there and find everything related to Kunal. In the next scene, viewers will be going to see Rajveer is at the hill and continuously finding some clues to get the current location of Kunal. Rajveer comes at the hotel and meets the manager of the hotel.

After that, he get the guy Ram in the room 1202 and the manager also says that he is very weird and goes out in the day. Suddenly, he passing through Rajveer’s side and Rajveer sees him. He starts following the guy and also shouts his name from behind. When he hears Rajveer’s voice, he starts run and continuously running from Rajveer. Rajveer also starts to run to catch him and after going some far the guy hides inside the garage.

Rajveer reaches there and the guy start throwing some heavy things on Rajveer but he secure from everything and then they both indulge in fighting. The guy again fast from there. Now, the upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni will be going to air on Colors TV at 7:30 PM and everyone waiting for it.


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