Hello to everyone, we are again back with another written update of Choti Sardarni of 16th July 2021. The episode that will be going to hit the television screens tonight will surely grab a ton of attention from the audience. As all of us know that the story of the show already going on very well and amusing all the people across the country a lot.

Choti Sardarni, Today's Episode 16th July 2021

Now, if you are eager to know more information related to the upcoming episode then you just need to stay on the same page. We are here available and always providing the perfect and accurate information related to the upcoming episode.

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The episode begins with Param and Sarab who leave the house. While leaving the house, Param remembers the lovely moments that he spends in the house with his parents especially with his mother Meher. On the other hand, Meher also crying after seeing that Param is going.

Not only this, but she also recalls the moments that she spends with his son, and also she is very upset after thinking that her son is going too far from her. After that, Sarab notices that Param is very upset and he trying to convince him or remove his sadness.

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Sarab says that he does not need to get upset as he will going to make new friends very soon in the hostel. Not only this, but Khushi is also there to take care of him or play with him. Meher gives chocolates to Param and also gives a note which says won’t he miss her? After seeing all these, Sarab is stuck in confusion and thinks that why Meher is doing all these things. In the next scene, Param and Sarab get shocked when they see Meher with the police.

After that driver stops the car, Param asks Sarab that did Meher’s mum brought these cops to make him stop. Later, Sarab steps out of the car and says that finally, he understood that why she did not say anything when they leave the house and he acts cool. So, the further story of the show is still a crux and millions of people are eager to know the further story of the show.

So, if you also want to know all the information related to the upcoming story of Choti Sardarni then you just need to stay on the Colors TV at 7:30 PM. Otherwise, stay connected with us and get the fresh details of the show.


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