Get ready to watch another fantastic and enthralling episode of Choti Sardarni. So, as all of us know that the show is actually getting much attention from the audience and entertain everyone a lot. Now, if you want to know some more details related to the upcoming episode of the show then here you will get the information related to the scenes that will be telecasting in tonight’s episode. The show already aired a very fantastic and fabulous episode to engage millions of people to watch it. Now, the upcoming episode also attracting many fans and audiences to watch the mesmerizing and mind-blowing sequences that will happen in the next episode.

Choti Sardarni, 11th July 2021

The story of the upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni begins with Sarab who recalls the words of Param. On the other hand, Seher asks why they are cleaning the utensils and he says their brothers become greedy and insecure and they need to clean their hearts. After that, Seher says that Mama loves both of them a lot.

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Sarab says you trusted your Nani and you forget all those things that Meher Mama taught. He further gives an example of that if anyone is alone then he will weaken as well but if he lives together then he will strong.

They both hug each other and Sarab says Sehar always brings them closer like this. In the next scene, Meher scolding Kulwant that why did she do this to her kids. But Kulwant replies that she asks her not to go her jail but she didn’t listen to her. Now, this time, she is taking revenge on Meher and her first nail hit the right place that ruined her motherhood.

She also warns Meher to be careful of the second attack. In the next scene, Seher sleeps with Sarab and says that she feel bad for Param.

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After hearing this, Sarab asks her that what did she seeing there. She says she seeing that Mama bring Karan up and Param was hanging there and at that time, she was so scared. But, Mama is there who backs up and pulled him. Now, the story that goes on in the show is actually very engaging and enthusiastic that heating up the entire environment.

So, if you want to watch the upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni then it will be airing on Colors TV. So, don’t forget to watch the exceptional and mind-blowing episode of the television show.


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