One of the most prominent daily soups, Choti Sardarni will be going to hit another anticipated episode tonight. Now, everyone knows that the TRP of the show always remains on the top and collecting lots of love from the audience. The story takes a very huge turn before some days as the makers come with a new phase of the show.

Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2021

At present, the children Sahar, Karan, and Param are all grown up. The story of the show takes a very crispy turn in which Meher and Sarab have died. But, if we talk about the upcoming episode then it will be also very enthralling and worth watching.

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The episode begins with Seher asks Rajveer if he is fine. Rajveer says in reply to her, yes, and then she says that she hates him. After that, Rajveer asks her what happened, and then she says what, did he asking what happened. She further says if he couldn’t tell me as he is acrophobic.

She added that he could die but he replies that how could he die as their friendship is for a few days but he can give his life for it. After hearing this, Seher says maybe it is a joke for him and she cries.

Not only this, but she further says that is it a joke to die in an accident as it will be a joke for him but for those people whose lives will be changed after his death in a second will be not a joke. She added that she lost her mother and father in an accident and she says that she wishes she stopped them.

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Rajveer apologizes to Seher but she continued crying and says that it’s better you not to be with her. She further says that she did not want to meet him again and tells him that he doesn’t try to meet her again as well. she leaves the place but Rajveer trying to stop her.

Later, Nikhil stops Rajveer and Rajveer starts crying. But, Nikhil says stop dreaming as Rajveer has no guarantee that she loves him and he again asks him that if he has any guarantee that she also loves him. The fight that happened between Seher and Rajveer will be actually appearing big as Seher is very upset about Rajveer does this and puts his life in danger.

The upcoming episode of the show will be actually very important to watch and it will be going to make everyone mad for it. Choti Sardarni will be airing on Colors TV at 7:30 PM and everyone is keen to watch the further story of the show.


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