One of the most perfect and popular daily soups is on the way to entertain everyone by showing another great episode tonight. Yes, we are talking about Choti Sardarni because it is the only show that collecting lots of love from the audience. The show has immensely garnered huge TRP and always remains in the top position on the TRP chart.

choti sardarni 27th september 2021

The upcoming episode begins with Harshdeep they forget this day as they both were busy in their own life and work. She says but this day, her Sonu left them. Rajveer recalls crying and saying where did Sonu Go. He further says that he remembers everything but Harshdeep says he forgets everything.

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Rajveer says he knows everything as this was not Sonu’s fault and then Harshdeep says Sonu wanted to live. She further says that she was just trying to save him. She says she had to save either him or Sonu. She says she saved him because Rajveer is her life.

On the other hand, Seher comes home and looks for Rajveer. He says to Harshdeep that he remembers everything except the promise that she made him and Sonu. Rajveer recalls saying that he would give his first child to her. Harshdeep asks him to tell if he will fulfill the promise.

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Seher is coming upstairs. She further says to Rajveer promise her that he will bring Sonu back. Rajveer silently stands in front of his sister and then she says to say something. She asks if he can’t do this for her. She urged him to fulfill his promise and then Rajveer says everything will be the way she wants. Suddenly, Seher comes in and asks Rajveer if he is Okay. She added that he behaving weirdly in the office. She further says that he forgets his phone.

She sees Dida and says sorry if they both were talking and she has to go. But Harshdeep says her to stay as she should be a part of this conversation. Harshdeep is just about to tell her everything but Rajveer suddenly says that he will tell everything to Seher. He says to Harshdeep that she will understand and then she says of course.

She hugs him and says he is going so much for her. Now, what will happen next in the story will be airing tonight. To know the further story, you have to watch the complete episode of Choti Sardarni tonight only on Colors TV. So, stay connected with us to know more information regarding such written updates of the most prominent daily soups.


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