There will be a new phase started in the most anticipated television show, Choti Sardarni. The story of the show going on very fabulous from the beginning and entertaining everyone by showing some exceptional turns and twists. As all of us know that the show telecasting a very crispy turn in which Meher and Sarab leave everyone in a deep feeling of sorrow. The episode begins with Karan saying to Meher that they can’t leave him alone. Seher also says that they are so young and Param says who will be with us if Meher and Sarab leave them like this.

Choti Sardarni 27th July 2021

Karan cries and says that he will be the best son of Meher and Sarab. After that Meher takes a promise from Seher to always be with her brothers and take care of them. Then, Sarab also says to Param and Karan to take care of their sister. All the kids cry a lot and then Sarab says we should leave now.

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Then Sarab says that we both will always be with you and always keep an eye on you. They both lost breaths. Meher and Sarab hold hands with each other and dies. Everyone cries and mourns their demise.

In the next scene, Meher and Sarab’s souls say that their kid will always stay together and write a new love story. The episode shows that 20 years had passed away and all the kids grew up. Then Param says to Meher and Sarab that he chooses a guy for Seher. He says that after a deep search of thousands of profiles he find a guy.

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Suddenly Karan comes and says Good Morning. Param says Good Afternoon as the morning was 6 hours ago. Karan says his morning is when he woke up. Then he sees Meher and Sarab’s picture and says that don’t worry he handled everything.

After that, Jagga says talk in a low voice as he doesn’t want Seher to know everything. But, Karan says that not everything will happen as per his demands. Param says because it is so. He will find a guy for Seher. Param says I have already done it. After watching this turn, it is cleared that the show will be more exciting and enthralling to watch.

Choti Sardarni will be going to air on Colors TV at 7:30 PM. The fans of the show regularly searching to know some more details related to the upcoming phase of the show. We will update all the fresh details related to the upcoming episodes of the show. So, just stay tuned with us.


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