Welcome back to know about the most prominent daily soup, Choti Sardarni. As we already know that the story of the show engages millions of people worldwide to see the crispy and entertaining twists that the makers showing to the fans. Now, the upcoming episode of the show also going to give a boost to the TRP of the show.

Choti Sardarni 17th August 2021

Currently, the story of the show is going on very well and interesting and the upcoming episode will begin with Seher asking Kunal where is he. On the other hand, the goons showing gunpoint to Seher and force Kunal to say what they asked him to do.

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The goons say to him that there is a bomb planted in the car of Seher and then ask him to say. Kunal says that he can’t marry Seher. After hearing this, Seher is shocked and then Kunal says that he was always confused to take any decision but now he is sure about it.

He further says that he did not want to marry a girl like she is but Seher can’t believe in his words and asks if he is joking. She says that everything was going very fine and ask him if there is anyone who pressurized him. But Kunal says she can’t be understanding his simple words.

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Kunal further says that he won’t want to marry her as she is not a modern girl and her brothers just know to do drama. He says a typical Indian girl to Seher, and then Param says how dare he is to talk like this to her sister. Seher is very emotional and says that everything was fine and it’s their engagement today. She further says that she loves him a lot and she knows that she also loves her but why he is doing this. Seher cries.

Seher says she was wearing an engagement dress and then Rajveer says to her. But, Kunal says why she doesn’t understand and cuts the call. Seher again calls him back but this time the phone is switched off. In the next scene, viewers will see that Kunal urging to leave Seher as he does all the things that they say to do him.

The goons diffuse the bomb. Seher cries and sobs, but her brothers hug her. Rajveer is also there and he also cries after looking at Seher. Now, it will be actually very exciting to watch the highly thrilling episode of Choti Sardarni in which Kunal properly denies marrying Seher. The episode will be airing on Colors TV at 7:30 PM and you just need to stay connected with us to know more written updates of daily soups.


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