The upcoming episode of the most popular and brilliant daily soup, Choti Sardarni will be going to heat up the entire environment. The episode will begin with Rajveer saying to Seher that money has been arranged. Seher asks him but how and then Rajveer tells her that Mausi Ji is planning to give Rs. 10 crores as Shagun.

choti sardarni 6th September 2021

After hearing this, Seher says they can’t play with someone’s emotions and says she can’t take this Shagun. She further says that they will be going to do a fake wedding and they all would be so hurt after knowing this. Rajveer says she is doing everything to save a life.

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He asks what about her feelings for Kunal and says they can’t leave him alone in this condition. He further says that they both worked so hard to find him and they are very close to the win and this is the only way to save Kunal. Seher cries and says that this is not looking right.

She further says that she wishes, she could tell the truth to everyone to stop the wedding but she can’t. She says she has to save her brothers too. On the other hand, Rajveer says in his heart that he is only silent because of Seher’s happiness otherwise, he would have canceled the wedding.

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After that, Seher cries and says that it is not right and she will not do this. Then, Rajveer says that he will get her love at any cost as they both reached the last and they will not accept their defeat after coming too far in this matter.

Now, Seher is continuously denying to take the money from Mausi Ji that she is planning to give as Shagun. Rajveer regularly trying to make her decision, yes to take the Shagun’s money that Mausi Ji will give her.

Rajveer continuously telling her something that makes her very emotional and he says that it is the end of the journey and they can’t get their feet back after reaching too far in this fight. In few hours, she will be with her Kunal and ask her to get ready for the Mehndi and then Seher says she will take this money as a loan and then she will return it for sure.

Seher makes a promise to Rajveer that she will take the money back and then he hugs her. So, Choti Sardarni will be actually very worth watching and Tonight’s episode will be going to air at 7:30 PM only on Colors TV.


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