Again, we are back with another great and complete written update of the most prominent daily soup, Choti Sardarni. Now, the show is actually heating up the entire environment by showing a very best and worth watching story. The upcoming episode begins with everyone dancing and enjoying the party. Then, Harshdeep asks Rajveer and Seher to come and dance.

Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021

Rajveer says to Seher about the keys he found. After that, Rajveer asks about the clue and then Seher says that they both have to go to the shed. In the next scene, viewers will see that Arunita dances with Param, and Seher say they will find some more clues there.

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Then, Rajveer recalls the situation when Keys and a tag falls from Narain’s pocket. When he picked the tag, Rajveer was completely shocked and says he got the clue. After that, they both left from there but Dida asks them where they are going. Rajveer replies that he has to make an announcement and then Dida says sure. When Rajveer comes up on the stage, he says this is a time for a very special performance in which every family member comes up on the stage and dances together.

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When everyone starts dancing, Seher and Rajveer sneak out and they both reached the place and see some broken things. Seher sees a room key and Rajveer also finds some keys. Then they both tell each other about the things that they both find from the place. Rajveer says let’s go to Seher.

On the other hand, Dida looks for Rajveer and Seher everywhere but they both come to the Shed. There are three goons but they both again sneak inside and Kunal is tied there. But, Kunal is tied behind some stuff, they can’t see him but Seher is going in the right direction.

Suddenly, a goon comes in Rajveer says Raj Narain but he runs after hearing his name. On the other hand, Kunal sees Seher and he is shocked. In the next scene, Param and everyone look for Rajveer and Seher. Dida slaps Arunita and says couldn’t keep an eye on both of them.

On this side, Rajveer and Seher trying to find Kunal but goons drag him out from the place. Now, what will happen next is still a crux of the forthcoming episode of Choti Sardarni. So, if you want to watch it then you just need to stay connected with Colors TV as the episode will airing at 7:30 PM.


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