One of the most prominent daily soups, Choti Sardarni is going on very well and entertaining everyone in the country. Now, the upcoming episode of the show begins with Seher makes Rajveer eat kheer with her hand. Seher appearing in tension and suddenly Rajveer starts coughing and says that it’s too spicy. All rush to him and Rajveer leaves from there.

Choti Sardarni, 30th August 2021 Episode

After that Mausi asks Dimpy who put so much spice in the food. The boy had to leave before Seher could fulfill his promise. Then, Param asks Seher to go and check on Rajveer. She nods and goes and then Param tells Mausi that it is not a big deal.

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He further says that they both love each other a lot and then Karan also says that their chemistry is solid. They also say that last night they both have together had coffee. In the next scene, viewers will see that Seher comes to Raj’s room and Rajveer comes behind her and scared her. After that, he laughs after watching her scared face.

Then, Rajveer tells that he knows that she does not want to make all these promises to him and that is why he acts. Rajveer also says do not to worry about it as he will say everything that she did all these promises to him in the room.

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Seher smiles at him. On the other hand, Dida tells Mausi that they love each other and they will get married very soon. Dida says great, there is a very good time this week to get married. She says that they have to get married in 4 days now.

Everyone looks on and Karan says they have to talk to Seher once. In the next scene, Rajveer tells Seher that this is her father’s dream as he gave it to her for her life partner. After that, he gives the box back to her, and then Seher hugs him and says she doesn’t think how she will pay his debt.

After hearing his, Raj says that there is no debt between friends and then Seher says she just hoping that Kunal will be found soon. Then, Raj says they will find him. Suddenly Tricky comes there and tells them that they both will get married in 4 days. Seher and Raj both are stunned and they are in confusion.

Now, what will happen next is actually very interesting and exciting. Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the full episode that will be airing tonight. Choti Sardarni is a very great and anticipated show that engages everyone to see the upcoming episodes of the show.


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