Again one more episode of Choti Sardarni has just arrived to entertain everyone. Now, the story of the show will be bringing heat to the entire environment and engaging a ton of audiences to get a high TRP. The upcoming episode of the show begins with Mausa telling Rajveer to go sleep but he says he has to eat ice cream but Dida says he will not go anywhere as someone else will get it. Rajveer says he will going to make ice cream but Dida says no but he again says that he needs to go to the hotel.

choti sardarni 26th august 2021

On the other hand, Seher also stuck with his brothers and they both also take her phone. She says Rajveer must be waiting but he texts her. Karan and Param take her phone and tease her by saying already texting starts between Seher and Rajveer. Suddenly, Badi Bi takes Seher’s phone and reads the text in which Rajveer wrote he is stuck at home.

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After reading the text, Badi Bi tells her that he is saying he wants to have coffee with Seher. Badi Bi also says her to don’t go this time. Suddenly, Param says no she has to go and he says to take his car and go on a coffee date.

In the next scene, viewers will see Rajveer asking Ramila why Dida is not letting him go. Ramila says go, she will handle Dida. Dida says Mausi Ji, but immediately, Ramila asks did she trying to stop her. Then, Dida says no and then Ramila says to Rajveer to go to take ice cream.

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After that, Dida says Nikhil that Rajveer has left and tells him to do before him. Nikhil says he will be there. Rajveer pick Seher but Nikhil reaches there before them. Before Rajveer reaches there, Nikhil goes inside the security room and gets the video.

Then, Dida says to delete it, but he says the system is hanged. Rajveer and Seher come outside and Nikhil sees them and tells Dida that they both are here what he should do next. Dida says do what she asks to do. Nikhil sends a rat towards them and Seher is scared and falls on Rajveer. Then, their lockets are getting stuck and Seher says hurry up and have to go to the security room.

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Suddenly, Rajveer hears a noise and says someone is here. Rajveer says no one is here and when they see the Footage then the footage doesn’t load. Choti Sardarni tonight’s episode will be actually very amazing in which viewers are eager to see what will happen next. So, you just need to stay connected with us to get more written updates of daily soups.


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