Welcome to know some more details related to the most prominent daily soup, Choti Sardarni. So, we know that millions of people regularly watching the anticipated television show because of some exceptional episodes. Now, the upcoming episode of the show increasing the madness among the audience. Also, fans are eager to know the further story to get some entertaining moments. The upcoming episode begins with Kulwant asking Meher how can she trust her. In reply to her words, Meher says that her sins are bigger than these stones. The sin of killing Manav, made an accident of Sarab Ji with a truck, trying to kill Karan, and both her sons.

Choti Sardarni 23rd July 2021

Meher further says all her sins, she has buried here today as she wants to forget the past to bury the hatred for her. She swears by Sarab Ji and says that she eliminates all the hatred for her in her heart as she wants him to bury all the hatred in her heart for her too. She further asks her that for Daddy Ji, can you become an honest and good person.

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After hearing all this, Kulwant starts crying and says to takes her to Daddy Ji and she doesn’t want anything else. She says that Dad is back and she did not want anything else as she has everything that she wants.

In the next scene, Meher saying to her Daddy that he is looking very handsome. Sarab brings some food to him and asks him to eat. He says Kulwant, where are you as he is hungry. He further asks if she is asleep. Suddenly, Kulwant comes into the room in a pink dress. Kulwant will also be shocked after hearing his voice. Trilochan also looks at her as she sits next to him. Then, he says Kulwant, My Queen, and starts crying.

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He further says that he told Kulwant, he will come back. He further says that she hasn’t changed as she still looks like 25 years ago and says that she is his moon. Meher cries after hearing this. He further says that he didn’t hear Kulwant’s voice for several years. Kulwant says that her whole life passed away as a widow, couldn’t you come earlier. Now, the story and the concept of the show already going on very well.

So, if you want to know some more details related to the upcoming episode then you just need to stay connected with us. Choti Sardarni will be airing on Colors TV at 7:30 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the highly anticipated daily soup of the television.


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