Welcome to the most reputed page where you will get the complete written update of the most brilliant and loved daily soup, Choti Sardarni. The upcoming episode begins with Rajveer saying Seher to become a super chef. She replies that she doesn’t know how to become a chef as she already reads so many books over a night.

choti sardarni 22nd september 2021

Then, Rajveer says she can do both halves after hearing this she is shocked but he says he is just kidding. He further says that we both will be going diving and says let’s go for practice. In the beginning, they, both practice cutting an onion, and then Rajveer asks her if she didn’t know how to cut onion.

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Seher says please teach but Rajveer says there is only one way remaining that he will cook tomorrow. He says he will come to the kitchen but Ramila hears and says she won’t let him go for her. The scene cuts here and in the next scene, Seher says Babaji help.

She says to Baba Ji that he knows she can’t cook like her Father. She is praying to God to help her and then Rajveer comes there and says he is ready. On the other hand, Arunita gets a letter and flower from the side of Param.

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In the letter, Param writes “Hi Coffee and I’m waiting for you. These flowers must be looking good on you”. She comes to the office, Karan is there and he says Anu, come. Karan says he came to surprise her and asks for the flowers and the guy who sent them. He further asks if she has a boyfriend but she says that a client sent them.

She asks him how did he come and then he replies that he come to clear all the payments. Then, Arunita says that param already cleared all the payments. Karan says he wanted to meet.

Karan asks her to go for Coffee. In the next scene, Ramila says the kitchen is ready and all the guests are Harshdeep’s MLAs. They can’t be angry and she has six hours to prepare the food. Seher is worried but Rajveer says don’t worry.

They both preparing food and what will happen next is not disclosed yet. Every fan will be going to watch a very brilliant and amazing episode of the show. Choti Sardarni will be airing on Colors TV at 7:30 PM and everyone can watch it tonight.


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