The upcoming episode of Choti Sardarni will be bringing the heat all around the environment and engaging a ton of people to watch it. As we already know that the story of the show takes a huge turn in which everyone tries to make every situation better for themselves. The forthcoming episode begins with Seher comes to meet Dida.

Choti Sardarni 27th August 2021

After Dida sees her, she is shocked and asks her what she is doing here at this time. In reply to her, Seher says it’s a bit personal and she thought she should come here. After hearing this from Seher, Dida hoping that she didn’t get her plan.

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In the next scene, viewers can see that Rajveer meets the old owner of the hotel to asks did he have the backup of the CCTV Footage. After that, the owner asks him did he wasted Rs. 55 Crores for the footage.

Then, Rajveer says he need to footage. On the other hand, Seher is just about to tell why she came here, suddenly Rajveer calls her. Seher says Rajveer, she has to speak. He says that he has the footage and says that Kunal came out in a black hoodie. Rajveer tells her that she get the footage from the previous owner of the hotel.

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He also says her not to tell anything to Dida. On this side, Dida asks what is this Seher, she is hiding something from her. Then, Seher says she came here to thank her as she is doing a lot to save her brothers.

She further says they both are innocents and get trapped and someone else did it all. Seher says she will find the person and expose it in front of everyone. Dida says she is her family now and she says she knows very well how much brothers matter in life.

After that, she says she hopes to always keep her brother happy and always stand for him. Then, Dida asks her for a promise as the way she took care of her brothers, she will also do the same with Rajveer. Suddenly, Rajveer calls her but Dida says doesn’t leave hands and promises.

Seher says promise and then Dida hugs her. Now, the story of tonight’s episode will be actually worth watching. Choti Sardarni will be going to air on Colors TV at 7:30 PM tonight and no one wants to leave the ensuing episode. Along with it, stay connected with us to know more interesting and exciting updates on the same topic.


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